About Us

In 1998 Delta Transportation Service was born to handle the needs of the clients of their parent company, Medical Management Options. The founder, Rob Miller said, “At first we were thinking that we would only handle our own re-hab patients, but over time we started getting calls for other medical transportation and the business grew slowly from there.”

With slow and steady growth, Delta Transportation became the largest non emergency medical transportation company in the Baton Rouge area and among the largest in the state. Today, we make over 500 transfers a day to and from nursing homes, psychiatric day programs, medical facilities, and assisted living facilities.

In 2003, a small startup company, La. Shuttle Express began serving airport travelers into and out of the Baton Rouge and New Orleans airports. They soon expanded to cruise ship transfers, small weddings, dinner parties and other business related special event transportation. They were long on ideas and short on the ability to grow quickly.

In May, 2005, Delta Transportation and La. Shuttle Express became one company with three divisions under one roof and one name, Reliant Transportation Group. We still have the Non Emergency Medical Division, the Business and Leisure Division and now the Contract Services Division. The Contract Services Division currently contracts with the city bus company for local para- transit services delivering clients to jobs, and other destinations. Our contract services are available to agencies or businesses with transportation needs but not wanting to start an expensive transportation operation of their own.

Being the only privately owned Trolley company in the area give us a distinct advantage in the wedding and special event area. In April, May and June we do as many as three events in a weekend. The rest of the time we area busy with cruises, trade shows, proms, birthday parties, political rallies, group dinners and corporate events.

Having limousines and twenty five to fifty five passenger motor coaches in our list of choices, make us the preferred choice for a wide array of transportation services in the Baton Rouge area.

Reliant Transportation Group currently contracts with Capital Area Transportation Service as the provider for their Cats On Demand routes which provide much needed rides to work, the doctor, the store, etc. for riders who are not physically able to get to a regular bus stop. This service is highly utilized by residents and employees who otherwise would be unable to get to their jobs or take care of essential needs.

There is a great potential for us to contract with other organizations that have a need for transportation but do not want to go to the expense of and the potential liability of operating their own fleet.  Professional transportation is a highly specialized business with its own set of problems and opportunities. Breakdowns, daily maintenance, insurance costs, and keeping qualified drivers are problems we have encountered and solved.  We think, your business should concentrate on what you do best and let us be the provider of your special transportation needs.

Among other contracted services we have provided or can provide include:

Shuttle service for employees from a remote parking lot
Daily transportation for students with special needs to their school location
Managing the campus transportation for local schools and universities
Nursing home discharges and patient transfers
Hospital discharges, patient transfers, psychiatric transfers, and other non emergency transportation
Specialized hospital patient transfers

We can bring people or employees to your door and deliver them safely and with a level of professionalism that keeps them smiling during and after the trip.